Hot Pantyhose Model Bridgette Skies Shoot

Sexy petite model Bridgette Skies came to my studio not too long ago, to shoot for my CLUB CENTERFOLDS website!

This girl was a LOT of fun to shoot…endless energy, and a tight little body, that she was NOT shy to display!

See more of her at CLUB CENTERFOLDS!!!


Check these very taboo scenes out on our VIDEO ON DEMAND SITE!
FUCKED IN MY SLEEP – Spungy Gunk Films On Demand

The first 3 DVDs in the series are with Jazmine James, Bridgette Powell, and Summer Samson!
More to come soon!
These are also available for purchase at:
Spungy Gunk DVDs Online

3 Of Our New Websites Launched!

After several years of shooting content for these 3 websites, they have finally launched!

Check out the website for our premiere DVD series, THE PANTYHOSE FACTORY, which has solo, girl-girl, blowjob, and sex scenes!

After a little “retooling”, we launched the content shot for our BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES DVD series, in a new website called, DOOR TO DOOR WHORES, which also has solo, girl-girl, blowjob, and sex scenes!

Be sure to check out our new pay-by-token bondage website, TROUBLE BONDAGE, which has individual photo sets you can buy!

All three websites feature lots of your favorite adult film starlets, as well as brand new girls to the business!
Take a look!!
I’ll be posting sample pics here soon, and there are plenty at the websites themselves!

Ahhh…The Week Ahead!

A long time in the works, a new model will be coming here to Vegas to shoot with me for a week, starting Wednesday! She’s really a doll, fantastic body, and we’re working on a website project together for her! Literally, she’s new to the point that we have yet to even cook up the website name for her…which will be the first thing we do when she arrives!
Let me tell you, this girl is sexy as it gets, too! We’re going to be shooting solo, toys, bondage, and a lot of it! As soon as I have pics that I have shot (I don’t want to post pics here that she sent as samples, as I did not personally shoot those…), I will post them for you all, as soon as possible!

In addition, while she is here, one of my favorite girls to shoot, Chloe James will be here next Monday. I’m going to be shooting Chloe for my bondage site VEGASBONDAGE.COM & upcoming pyrex sex toy site…and don’t be shocked when you see content of these two girls together! I’m planning on it, as time permits!


One of the cuter pics of CHLOE JAMES from our last shoot…She’s so damn fun to work with! Be SURE to check the link above to my VEGAS BONDAGE site…for a preview video clip of her with me there!



New Website Launched! VEGASBONDAGE.COM

I have my newest website project officially open for business, now! After shooting content of many different girls, for the last 3 years, I have now launched!

This, damsel-in-distress oriented project, features some of the most beautiful girls online! Many in my exclusive content, have never shot bondage material for anyone else! Some of them do not even do topless of nude work with anyone else, much less have their bodies groped!

You’ll have to check out the tour, to see how hot this site is! Be sure, when you visit the Model List pages, to click on each girls photo for a preview page of her material! For example, you will see the gorgeous JENNY WELCH ATTACKED DURING A PHOTO SHOOT!

Check it out!!!

Update! (Sounds Like “Unsolved Mysteries”…LOL!)

I’ve gone through all of my AEExpo & AVN Awards Red Carpet pictures, and will be posting some of them here soon! Since there are nearly 1,500 in total, LOL, I’ll pic out some of the best for here! Also, I’ll pop up some from the Black Teen Seeker model from last week!

I have a last minute shoot today, again for Black Teen Seeker’s website, so I’ll slide up some of this new girl, as well! Maybe I’ll be able to do some shooting with her for my own material! 🙂

I have plans in the works for a really gorgeous model, to come here to Las Vegas in Feb/March sometime, to shoot some of her first adult material. She’s done some nudes before, but nothing like the solo girl, and possible girl/girl shooting we are discussing! Looks like she’s up for some bondage, too! You’ll adore her, trust me!

Speaking of my bondage work, here’s another sample! The amazingly beautiful Ariel Anderssen, as she is held captive, and gets her nipple twisted! I am especially looking forward to this coming April, as Ariel is coming back to shoot with me again, all the way from England! She’s especially fun to shoot, and is one of the mos beautiful women I have worked with!


“It’s Been A Long Road, Getting From There To Here…”

I haven’t posted in a little bit, lots has gone on! Plenty of new updates in the clip stores, lots of the DVD on my video on demand stores have been rolling along well! I have MANY new DVD’s that were finalized in September & October that are ready for the VOD places, too! Several were shipped in late October/first of November, and I have plenty more to go, which will be shipped in mid January. It is interesting how some of the VOD places get the DVD’s and add them so progressively, that it takes several months to add 20 + titles, yet others add them all right away!

I launched the NEW bondage website, too!, and it’s billing should be all set up completely by now!

I have a HUGE week this week ahead, I’ll try and sum it up for you!
The Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) starts Thursday, and I am covering it as media, so I’ll be there Thurs, Fri, and part of Saturday! On Saturday evening, I am shooting the AVN Awards Red Carpet, which I love doing! If everything pans out properly, I will be automatically uploading the photos, AS I TAKE THEM, to the PORNSTARTWEET page!!! I will also have a link to it, from my twitter, so you can find ’em!
Of course, I am doing some shoots this week! All day Wednesday, I am shooting Paige Little for her website, – also, a brand new ebony model for her soon to be developed website – her name is Dominique. Then, the cool folks at Black Teen Seeker have me shooting three scenes for their website, as well!

I need to get back and used to being busy, as I had a loss, to someone that was as close to family as you could get, in early November. I won’t call attention as to who it was, out of respect for her family, but I do want to say that I miss her every day. xo 😉

So…as this blog post began, I’m back up and running, and AEE week couldn’t have come at a better time!
Buckle up, and follow along! I’ll have pics from girls I am interviewing on my twitter, as it happens! As well as the AVN Awards Red Carpet being on the pornstartweet site, linked to above!

New Blog Layout!

I thought I’d change things up a bit, and retool the layout of my FILLED HOLES blog!

I like it better, a little “cleaner” and less cluttered, I think….hope you’ll agree!

I’ve been working on several projects recently, including the launch of, which launched over this past weekend! Check that cutie out!!! Join her site and support her!

Also, I have a new site in the works for this week, and it should be launching early next week!!!

I had a great shoot the other day, with a super hot, all natural babe – doing some material for my PYREX SEX series, plus for my BONDAGE FANTASIES series! I’m editing the pics this week, and will pop some up for you to peek at! Maybe even some Behind The Scenes pics taken with my cell phone! 😉

In the meantime, be sure to check out my GUNK CLIPS stores! Check out the sample preview of a new girl, Amelia Rose, performing her FIRST on camera blowjob!




Chloe James! BONDAGE! Behind The Scenes!

I’ve shot a ton of hot pyrex glass toy scenes with gorgeous Chloe James, but today was the first day she entered into my bondage world! We shot 3 really amazing scenes – all on HD video – and I am editing them into her own Bondage Fantasies series DVD! Of course they will also each be up individually within my clips4sale store!

During one of the scenes, I used my cell phone to shoot some photos as part of the scenario…so excuse the quality…but here’s a dozen “action shots”, literally taken during the video!

(No nipples were actually harmed during the video shoot! Just pinched & twisted a little!)

Heading Into May…

April was a hectic month! A LOT of shooting, an unexpected week off, a MAJOR few days of shooting canceled due to “flake”, and an unexpected shoot with a cute girl who’d never done any porn before! All in all it was a great month, other than the flake thing.

Now, on to May!
I have a lot of editing to do, plus finalization of a few new (like TWELVE) DVD’s to ship out to my Video On Demand places! I have a couple of content trade shoots lined up so far, but for the most part, May is going to be “edit the hell out of some footage” month! LOL!

Also, I have a couple of new websites to get launched! One for Becka Lynn, a super cute model, as well as my Pyrex Sex site! Becka Lynn’s is the “priority” one to get launched, and Pyrex Sex will be has some samples up now, in it’s early development, if you wanna scope it out!

Keep an eye out on my page, as I am going to develop it into a directory of all of my assorted clips4sale stores! I should have that done in the next few days!

Watch here for more info on what I’m up to!