Shoots, Launch Party Recap, Coming Events

What a great week it was!
Nonstop shooting over the past several days – with more to come – plus, our amazing launch party here in Las Vegas for The Pantyhose Factory Vol 15 DVD this past Thursday night!

The final scene for PHF 15 was shot late last week, actually, with Audrey Alder, and it was fantastic! You’ll see for yourself when you see the DVD! I’d shot Audrey solo & girl/girl before, but never WITH her…and I must say, I am looking forward to more! You’ve got to see this scene! in the meantime, be sure to check out her website!

So Thursday, was spent wrapping things up – literally – for the DVD launch party, which was held at The Velvet Lion strip club here in Las Vegas! So many of my friends, as well as fans, came out – that I can’t really list them all, but…the HOTTIES that I shoot who were there MUST be named! PHF 15 covergirl Charlize Danay, who looked amazing, was there! I can’t wait to shoot with her again! My friend Matt had actually swung by to pick up me & PHF star Bridgette Powell, when I got a call from PHF 16 star Summer Samson wanting to come out with us! So, of course we needed her at the affair! Later in the evening, Audrey was there, along with several Spungy Gunk Films fans & friends – including my friends from the SPANKWAGON show , The SIN CITY SEX BLOG!!

I’ve got several pics to post, thanks to Matt’s cool compact camera (mine’s a big bitch at events like that! LOL!), so I will make an album and slip more pics into it in here shortly!

AS far as this coming week…it WILL be a cumming week! Bridgette will be here soon for a full day shooting for her website, (which is being developed), then Sunday, Summer will be here for a full day shooting for her site,, too! See a pattern here? I also have a Black teen Seeker shoot Sunday evening – a site I shoot content for. Monday, a cute solo model will be here working on a new project for me, and as it stands now, I have another hottie Chloe James scheduled for that same solo project later in the week! Then, Saturday, a sexy (and I DO mean SEXY) new on the scene MILF will be here shooting content for her site – I don’t know exactly what we’re shooting, but solo, toys, and some bondage are on the menu!

It’s always happening around here!
Look for things I shoot at the following sites…MANY links to them on the side of the page!



Last Friday night there was a great party/event held here at my studio – a launch party for Jazmine Jame’s website! The guys from Spankwagon were here to broadcast live, and Adorable Audrey and Selena Swallows came to party with us as well!

Visit their sites at:

The event got lots of attention on their show, and was quite a mess, as the Launch Party cake was spread all over each of the girls tit, with each of them – PLUS myself – licking cake off of each of their tits!

I’ll pop up some photos soon!!!


New Website Launch Party

Our newest website girl, Jazmine James, has her website launch party coming up in less than two weeks – JULY 24th! But, the party will be online, via the SPANKWAGON show! Broadcasting live from my studio, the gang from SPANKWAGON will be here, along with a few special guests, and of course myself and Jazmine will be shooting some hot content during the show!

Follow us on this awesome adventure! You can catch SPANKWAGON each Friday night from 7 PM – 9 PM P.S.T. at!!!

More details soon…but keep yourself tuned in, so you can catch it LIVE!

It’s been a while…sorry!

Ya…the flu will do that to ya! But, I’m back at it…

The guys from SPANKWAGON RADIO are broadcasting their show LIVE tonight (from 7 – 9 P.M. P.S.T.) from my studio! They did that a couple weeks back, and it was a blast! Come join us!

PLUS! Special sexy guest, who is a total newcomer, will be here, as we are doing some content shooting for her website today! She’s going to be here when the SpankWagon guys are…so, who KNOWS the debauchery that could transpire!

Watch for sexy nude pics of Daisy soon…right here!!! Bondage, blowjobs, pantyhose, toys, and more!!!!

Shooting Like Crazy This Week!

As expected, it’s been a fun week of shooting for Ami Jordan’s website…and it is only half way over! She and I have shot a few scenes for her site, including an amazing 2 girl BJ with a total newcomer! This was only the newcomer’s 2nd BJ scene – the first being with me earlier that day, for my “BLOW JOB BEGINNERS” series!

Ami and I have shot for “BLOW JOB BEGINNERS”, “The PANTYHOSE FACTORY”, the above mentioned scene with Daisy, and are shooting a scene for “BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES” tomorrow! Plus, Adorable Audrey is coming by tomorrow for some Girl/Girl shooting with Ami! Who knows what else will take place tomorrow? But, it is in the works for Ami to shoot with Selena Swallows!

Friday, it will be a great day at a local studio to shoot, and then both Ami and the newcomer will accompany me over to the SPANKWAGON show, on LVROCKS network! Friday night from 7 – 9 PM P.S.T. you can see and hear the girls (and myself!) live, at, or!!!

I’ll have some pics posted of some of the debauchery over the weekend!