New DVD’s Out! Blowjob Beginners Vol 3 & More!

I have several new DVD titles live on the assorted Video On Demand sites I have them on. Links to the sites are in my links list to the right, under “Spungy Gunk VOD”.

Over 20 new titles in total! There are a few bondage DVD’s, Pyrex Sex DVD’s, The Pantyhose Factory VOL 14 & 15, & the newest title in my Blowjob Beginners series! The cover of that is shown below! This particular DVD is really hot! 5 girls new to the biz, doing their very first on camera blowjobs…what could be better than that?
Cover model Kylah Kiss was awesome to shoot – I am positive she’ll be seen often in my upcoming DVD’s! Charlize Danay, Priscilla, Amelia Rose, & Bridgette Powell were also amazing – given that they’d never sucked a cock with a camera right in their face before!
Good times!

Blowjob Beginners VOL 3
Blowjob Beginners VOL 3

Blowjob Beginners VOL 3

Blowjob Beginners VOL 3

Shoots! Samples! Sex!

Great shooting recently, mixed in with a LOT of editing, so I have been a little behind in the blog here! But, let’s make up for that!
Recent shoots with Kylah Kiss, Chloe James, Olivia Rose, & sexy newcomer Jenny, have been awesome! Lots of diverse shooting…BJ’s, bondage, glass toys, & more! I’ll have some sample pics – as well as cell phone “behind the scenes” pics posted over the next few days. but now…”details” of what I’ve been shooting!

Kylah is so awesome! A real cool girl, and we have gotten some amazing scenes down already! She loves sucking my cock, and I’m never going to refuse that! Let me tell you, I love eating her pussy, too…so it is a win-win situation! You’re going to see a lot of her in my DVD’s, that’s for sure!

What can I say about Chloe James? WOW! She’s one of the best solo/toy performers I’ve ever shot! She really gets into her work, as the toys get into her pretty pussy! But…when we did some bondage scenes recently…it was amazing! She rocked! I’d spoken to her for a while about doing them, and we finally had the day selected to knock them out! You never are sure when shooting a model that’s never really done bondage in the format that I shoot it – but Chloe was all about it! I’ve already edited her bondage scenes into a new DVD release, & when it is up & available…I’ll post it right here on FILLEDHOLES.COM! believe me, I can’t wait to get her back for more!

Speaking of bondage…A couple of nights ago, I shot 3 spectacular scenes with Olivia Rose! Holy crap was she ever cool, and great to work with! These 3 scenes should be all edited out by the end of July…and I KNOW you’ll love them! She’s really sexy…so I bet we’ll shoot other things in addition to bondage, too!

Jenny…whew…Jenny! We’ve shot for a few months now, all solo type, glamour modeling shoots at first, then we did some bondage…she’s really a beautiful girl…love her in some of the pantyhose shoots we’ve done! but today…well, she surprised the HELL out of me today! We’re wrapping up a solo type pantyhose video…and she calls me over, sites me down on the bed…starts grinding on my cock like a lap dance! Next thing you know, she’s taking off my shorts, and giving me a hand job! “Just because I feel like it”, she said! of course, I left the camera rolling! You’ll be seeing some of our work together…and this handjob…pretty soon!



Heading Into May…

April was a hectic month! A LOT of shooting, an unexpected week off, a MAJOR few days of shooting canceled due to “flake”, and an unexpected shoot with a cute girl who’d never done any porn before! All in all it was a great month, other than the flake thing.

Now, on to May!
I have a lot of editing to do, plus finalization of a few new (like TWELVE) DVD’s to ship out to my Video On Demand places! I have a couple of content trade shoots lined up so far, but for the most part, May is going to be “edit the hell out of some footage” month! LOL!

Also, I have a couple of new websites to get launched! One for Becka Lynn, a super cute model, as well as my Pyrex Sex site! Becka Lynn’s is the “priority” one to get launched, and Pyrex Sex will be has some samples up now, in it’s early development, if you wanna scope it out!

Keep an eye out on my page, as I am going to develop it into a directory of all of my assorted clips4sale stores! I should have that done in the next few days!

Watch here for more info on what I’m up to!

Great Shooting Week, Among Other Things!

So far, this week has rocked! Lots of shooting going on, pics & videos-a-plenty!

Monday I did some great solo/toy shooting with the gorgeous Chloe James! She is one sexy girl!
Here’s a sample!

Chloe James For PYREXSEX.COM

Wednesday, one of my hot new girls whose website I am creating, BeckaLynn flew in to stay & shoot for several days! We’ve done some really sexy solo sets already, as well as some really hot bondage work! I’ll have some samples up soon…we’re still shooting away! ALL day today, and daily through Monday, in fact!

BeckaLynn for
BeckaLynn for

Last night, I shot 2 BG scenes for XES ENTERTAINMENT – 1 for their BTS site, another for their YOS site! 2 fun shoots, and it’s always great to meet new girls in the industry! Raianna Sylk was the YOS girl, and Janae Jolie was the little hottie for the BTS shoot!

Janae Jolie for BlackTeenSeeker
Janae Jolie for BlackTeenSeeker
Raianna Sylk for YourOlderSister
Raianna Sylk for YourOlderSister

This weekend is the inevitable birthday, LOL! Good thing is, in a way, that it is also “Spring The Clock Forward” day…so, I get one less hour of “you’re getting old” jokes! LOL! Saturday night, a few friends, including several girls I shoot, are coming over…will it get wild and crazy here? Who knows?!?!?! But there WILL be pics, to be sure! LOL!

Chloe James For PYREXSEX.COM

Chloe James For PYREXSEX.COM

Wild week coming!

The last week or so has held a lot of shooting! Projects for BTS (BlackTeenSeeker) site, HGV (HotGVibe project), as well as shoots for my own series for Spungy Gunk Films! Capping it off yesterday, was some amazing solo work by the totally gorgeous Chloe James! I’ll certainly be shooting her again for my Pyrex Sex series, as well as some D-IN-D bondage! Can’t wait!

On to the week ahead…Becka Lynn ( arrives tomorrow – for 6 days – for more content development for her website…she’s just adorable! Fun, sexy, and exploring herself as we shoot! I can’t wait!!!

I have one of those inevitable birthdays coming up! LOL! Got a few of the close friends headed over here Saturday night to hang…including some of the girls I shoot! Looking forward to that as well!

There’ll be pics posted soon, you can be sure!!

I Love Weeks Like These!

“If I Ain’t Busy, I Ain’t Nothin’!” – I don’t know who said that, but it probably was me! LOL!

Been shooting, editing, plotting, & planning like a madman this week!

Yesterday, I shot a fantastic BJ scene with Cali Lee (an amazingly sexy, petite little thing!) for The Pantyhose Factory – probably for VOL 14! VOL 15 is also in production, with Charlize Danay on the cover!

Today, as VERY beautiful busty brunette model, Chloe James came into the studio & we did a short test shoot of nudes…she’s a solo & GG model, and will be perfect for my PYREX SEX series! We talked about shooting some bondage, too!

Friday…shooting an all new BG project, along with a BJ, and some solo stuff with Angel Marie! Holy shit, is she beautiful!

Saturday, shooting all day with my super hot website girl, Jazmine James! Who knows what all we’ll shoot,,,but you can be SURE it will be hot as fire!

Sunday…OMG…Sarah Blake heads over here to shoot some content trade…primarily bondage, but who knows…she may fall in love with some of my glass toys here!

Monday…Karen Fisher is dropping in, to shoot a bunch of new sets for her website! She’s awesome, and I love shooting her! For those of you who like a sexy MILF with HUGE FUCKING TITS…she’s your girl!

Next Thursday, Jan 28, Kiki D’Aire is going to be doing an appearance here in Las Vegas at The Velvet Lion strip club, promoting her return to XXX films! Annnnnd, since Kiki & I go way back…some of her WEDNESDAY will be here with me! Shooting for a few of my DVD series…The Pantyhose Factory, Bounced Check Bitches, and Pyrex Sex!

During the following week… should be swooping into my clutches as well! She’s super hot in her pantyhose…so I bet you can GUESS what we’ll be doing!!!

Then..February arrives soon….boy, do I have some plans for February! Stay tuned!!!


Heading into 2010!

Man! 2009 is finally over! What more can I say about it, that you probably don’t already feel?

Onto 2010!!
This coming week has the AEE convention, as well as the AVN Awards here in Las Vegas…a great start into the new year! I have several shoots lining up, some for my productions, and some for a cool site that I shoot some of the content for! So, it’ll be a hectic week…and it all kicks off tomorrow with 2 BG scenes here for the aforementioned “other” website! Of course, I bet will I dig the 2 girls coming, and shoot something extra with them!

I just updated one of my DVD sales stores, with he Pantyhose Factory VOL 11 and VOL 12…so here is a link to that! It’s selling pretty well right off the bat…so, I am sure that you guys will want to grab one of each! Plus any of the other previous editions you may not have!!
The Pantyhose Factory – ONLINE DVD STORE!

I have about 20 new titles coming out soon, a new BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES (VOL 6 – which the box cover is shown in a post below!), and several in the PYREX SEX series…and quite a few “BONDAGE FANTASIES” ones as well! I’ll keep you posted!

For now…let’s all have a kick ass 2010!

Mid-week happenings!

I’ve been steadily working on our newest website – based on my PYREX SEX DVD SERIES, and it is coming along quite nicely! Doing things like adding flash video samples, and a totally new tour design for that – I am quite anxious to get ‘er going! I expect it should be rolling by early July!

This week, I expect to have a couple of shoots going on, in particular, tomorrow I should be shooting with Selena Swallows, doing some content trade shooting for her site – as well as mine. Probably a mix of bondage, pyrex toys…and I suppose we’ll have to see if she really does swallow! LOL!

You guys will be the first to know! 😉

Tease, Tease, Tease…

Below is just a small sample of AALIYAH LOVE playing with her perky nipple through this sheer red top! I don’t want to give away TOO much, but you’ll LOVE what she does with the pantyhose and toys she’s got in this video!

These will be up on her site soon, I am sure, but…well, frankly, I wanted to taunt you a bit! LOL! So, go and JOIN AALIYAHLOVE.COM , to be sure that you don’t miss a thing!


Aaliyah Love – Smokin’ HOT!

There’s not much more I can say…Aaliyah Love is just SMOKIN’ HOT!
These were shot for one of our websites, CLUB CENTERFOLDS , as well as her site, AALIYAHLOVE.COM !!
Watch for video clip samples, soon, too!!!

These were shot for one of our websites, CLUB CENTERFOLDS,
as well as her site, AALIYAHLOVE.COM !!