interview & photos by Gerald Saunders

GS: Well, hello Miss Riley Steele! How are you doing?
RS: Hello again, Gerald! I’m gooood, how are you?

GS: Very well, thanks! So, how have things been going with you over the course of this past year, and even more so, over your growth of being with Digital Playground?
RS: Things could not be better for me! I am so happy with the direction my career is going! From 2 years ago when you were the first one interviewing me here at AEE 2009, until now, I feel like a completely different girl! I knew nothing coming into this industry, I was brand spankin’ new, and never did anything [shooting] when I came straight to Digital Playground. Now, I feel like a veteran!

GS: Well, you don’t look much different!
RS: Oh, thank you! (giggles)

GS: Clearly, you don’t look like a veteran, you look just as fresh faced, and pretty as you did two years ago, so that’s good!
RS: Well, thank you! Hopefully next year, we can keep it that way when you see me again here!

GS: So what different things have gone on with you this year? New projects and things like that, and of course things that you might have coming up in ’11?
RS: Well, this year was my biggest year for me. I had a major movie I did, called PIRANHA 3-D, directed by Alexandre Aja. I did shoot that the year before, and it premiered this August, so that was a big whirlwind of the whole media attention and everything. It was crazy, and it’s still going. That led to lots of mainstream opportunities, as well as a Cinemax show, which is debuting February 4th…I plat the main character of the show. It’s like a “Sex In The City”, but with younger girls, and we show, you know, softcore. I’m also hosting for G4, their AVN show, and that will be premiering February 13 / 14.
In February, I am also going back to Romania, to shoot with the same Cinemax people, they actually liked me, so they wrote a role for me, for this whole new show that they’re going to be doing.

GS: That’s awesome, I can’t IMAGINE why they “actually liked you”, LOL!
RS: Yeah (laughing) they actually liked me there for some reason, so hopefully I don’t piss anybody off there!

GS: So, with the Piranha movie…how did that come about? I can’t imagine they threw a dart at a board, and chose a porn star, was it a thing where they approached you, or did you initiate that…how did that go?
RS: Well, actually, they came to Digital Playground, and they wanted me for the role. They wanted me to read for it, they were looking for a blonde, young party girl. So, Digital sent me on the audition, to read. I read the script, to learn my part, and learned that I would have to live in Lake Havasu, Arizona for three months, and it would entail a lot of intense swimming. Well, I can not swim…and I never lived out of home for more than, you know, traveling! So, that’s three months away from home, and that was a big thing for me. So, I tried to blow the audition! I was like, no I can’t go to Arizona for that long, I just can’t do it. I had to go on a call back, and I was like, oh great! I went on the call back, had to read in front of the director, and all the people, the big room, I was nervous, and so I read. Well, I get the call from Digital that I got the role! I said, but I can’t swim! They were like, well, they’ll teach you! (laughing). So, that’s how the whole thing came about! You know, it turned out to be a life changing experience for me, and…now I can swim!

GS: Swimming is good for you, too!
RS: Not only did the movie turn out to be life changing personally, professionally…but now I can swim! Plus, not only that, but I got to put my face in Kelly Brooks boobs! We actually got Mr. Skin’s number one nude scene for 2010!

GS: So, tell me, what are new projects you most looking forward to doing in 2011?
RS: Well, I don’t know what we’re doing, but Digital has two things in the works, that are so top secret that they haven’t even told us! But, in 2011 I am looking forward to seeing, what opportunities might come up, from all of the hard work and effort I put into 2010! So far, 2011 is starting off so good, and I just hope it keeps coming and coming, and I just want to get busier, busier, and busier!

GS: Yeah, I have a feeling that you are going to be busy for a very long time!
RS: I hope so!!!

GS: It’s always great to talk to you, and we’ll do some quick photos, and I look forward to catching up to you again next year here!
RS: Thank you so much, Gerald, and we’ll meet again!

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Kicking Off 2009!!

2009 is here and it’s starting off right!

First off, the new for 2009 MISS NUDE INTERNET site winners have been announced!
LEAH, from XOXO LEAH, was awarded MISS NUDE INTERNET 2009, and you can see her page on the site here: MISS NUDE INTERNET 2009 – XOXO LEAH!
STOYA, Digital Playground contract star, was awarded MISS NUDE PORN INTERNET 2009, and you can visit her page here: MISS NUDE PORN INTERNET 2009 – STOYA!
Both girls are amazingly beautiful, and each had over 70% of the votes in her respective category!

Miss Nude Porn Internet 2009 STOYA
Miss Nude Porn Internet 2009 STOYA

Now, as a lot of you are aware, this is PORN WEEK here in Vegas! I am going to the AEE convention, of course, covering for a couple of magazines again. I have a special block of time slotted at the Digital Playground booth, taking pics and interviewing their gorgeous assortment of contract starlets! Among the girls to be “in my grasp” are, Jesse Jane, Katsuni, Teagen Presley, Sasha Grey, and of course Stoya! It’s going to be a great start to my 4 days of coverage! The best way to keep up with me, is to look for my posts on my twitter page:, as I will be updating that directly from the convention!

More to tell…I’ll add a new post with updates tomorrow!

Miss Nude Porn Internet 2009 - STOYA

Miss Nude Porn Internet 2009 - STOYA