Shooting Like Crazy This Week!

As expected, it’s been a fun week of shooting for Ami Jordan’s website…and it is only half way over! She and I have shot a few scenes for her site, including an amazing 2 girl BJ with a total newcomer! This was only the newcomer’s 2nd BJ scene – the first being with me earlier that day, for my “BLOW JOB BEGINNERS” series!

Ami and I have shot for “BLOW JOB BEGINNERS”, “The PANTYHOSE FACTORY”, the above mentioned scene with Daisy, and are shooting a scene for “BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES” tomorrow! Plus, Adorable Audrey is coming by tomorrow for some Girl/Girl shooting with Ami! Who knows what else will take place tomorrow? But, it is in the works for Ami to shoot with Selena Swallows!

Friday, it will be a great day at a local studio to shoot, and then both Ami and the newcomer will accompany me over to the SPANKWAGON show, on LVROCKS network! Friday night from 7 – 9 PM P.S.T. you can see and hear the girls (and myself!) live, at, or!!!

I’ll have some pics posted of some of the debauchery over the weekend!

End Of The Year Thoughts…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more consistent about Filling The Holes, here at! Not to make excuses, but I have been pretty busy this last couple of weeks, editing, and prepping DVD’s to send out to my Video On Demand stores…so that you all can check out the product! On top of that, getting a couple of new sites rolling is a lot of work, too! In advance of the AVN convention here in Las Vegas – which is in less than 2 weeks – I am launching a new site for Natalie Minx, and another special project as well! Shortly after the convention will be Mina Meow’s new site, followed by another site in February for a fresh new girl doing adult hardcore!

So, you can see, there’s a lot on the plate! But, that is a good thing! Lots of shooting, lots of new porn to spread around, and even a little bondage here and there in the mix! LOL! I love doing the bits as an extra in scenes for Brazzers, too! I am sure they’ll have me around for more in 2009, and I appreciate the cool feedback from the folks who have sent me notes via the MySpace page about that!

So…2008 was a bit of a different year than the last few for me. More hot girls to shoot…less headaches (literally)…new ideas, and hopefully making things that the fans of our work want to see!

2009 will be even stronger, as I have plans to retool some of my existing websites, add more new girls into the mix, and amp up the video line with more DVD’s and Video On Demand – plus, more clips for the clip stores! Likewise, shooting content for some of the girls who ave their own sites and work with me will continue! Starri Knight, Hailey Young, Karen Fisher, and more…

Be sure to check that stuff out! There are links to it all just to your right ~~~>>>

Quick weekend update!

It’s been a crazy week, shooting and editing, and even slipping in two scenes as an extra for Brazzers once again! I am going to be posting a section here within my blog soon, featuring assorted scenes that I was in for Brazzers…so watch for that coming soon. I’ll probably add one each week!

Samatha Wells new DVD “PYREX SEX”, and also Mina Meow’s new DVD “PYREX SEX: MINA MEOW” are both done and edited! I’ll be sending them out to the Video On Demand spots this week, and getting them set up on my online DVD store soon, too! Both girls are super hot, and these are their first DVD releases, too!

I’ve got more work to do this weekend, making clips of the Samantha and Mina scenes for my clips stores…so, BACK TO WORK FOR ME!

Monitoring Today’s Events

So, today’s been one of the non-camera days! I have been doing a bunch of “business side of things” work today! Keeping up with setting things up for several new website projects…sizing and labelling photos, doing some billing company paperwork, uploading set of photos to the web server, and getting some stuff together in advance of the 9th Annual Girls Of The Internet Party! (Details on that will be coming VERY soon!!!)

Another newcomer to Spungy Gunk Studios is slated to do some shooting here tomorrow for her website, which will be part of GetNaughtyCash, with a fair amount of her content shot here at my studio! Her name is Samantha Wells, and I’ll pop up some pics tomorrow after we shoot. From what I am told, I can expect her to be very naughty! That works for me! I plan on a Pyrex Sex scene with her…and who knows what else will happen!

Also, later this week, KAREN FISHER will be flying in to shoot some hardcore content for her website. We’ve shot a few times before, and I totally dig working with her…so, this coming Friday should be a LOT of fun!

Gotta get back to some video editing…I’m prepping some new DVD’s which will have Natalie Minx, and Mina Meow in them! Gonna try and have those edited and ready to roll right after Thanksgiving!

Look for more details on the sexy Samantha Wells shoot tomorrow night!!

Fun @ Brazzers Yesterday!

Yesterday, I was an extra in a shoot for Brazzers once again. That’s always a lot of fun to do, and makes for interesting days!

The shoot was for MILFS LIKE IT BIG, and i got to play the husband of MASON STORM…a busty latina! She was great fun…and the guy in the scene with her, Johnny, was also very cool. We’d not met before, but it was a cool shoot! Especially when he had to spew out a mouthful of red wine! LOL!

Now, SOMEONE had to play my daughter in this scene. As it happened, a last minute replacement needed to be made…so Hailey Young was put into the scene as the daughter. That was fun, because of all of the shooting together she and I have done…I never played her “Daddy”! LOL!

Afterwards, when I got back to “Spungy Gunk Studios”…I fought with a “suddenly not working” ADOBE program! UGH! I got it sorted out, for the most part…but have to manipulate it (once again) to do specific things that I had it set up to do. Don’t you HATE having thigs set up perfectly, and then – POW – you have to retool them to your needs all over again?

Spoke with Natalie Minx for a while last night, too! That in itself is always an “E-Ticket”, and she’s super cool to work with! I have the blogs for her and Mina all set up – and the website development for their sites will be in the works, ASAP! (Once I finish strangling the ADOBE program!) 😛


Being Productive!

So, I spent most of today – starting @ 6:30 AM, early as HELL for me – setting up online blogs for Natalie Minx, Mina Meow, as well as this one for myself! It was actually pretty cool, and I felt productive – and CREATIVE – doing them! A little more tweaking is needed here and there amongst the 3 of them…but, for the most part, they are ready to roll!

Tomorrow, Kendra Banx is headed back for a couple of days of shooting some more content for her website, as well as some more bondage work. She’s really great to shoot, and I know we’ll get some killer material! That will give me the remainder of what I need to get her website live! I can’t wait!

Later this week, I am doing another shoot as an extra for BRAZZERS, and a couple of other shoots along the way for my productions!

It’s been a great few days, and I hope to get a whole lot of editing and web development done by the end of the month!

Looks like Thanksgiving will be a simple day – turkey, A1 sauce, football…and some work thrown i the mix, too!



This Weeks Vegas Debauchery!

So much has gone on this last few days, but I’ll give you a summary of it to keep you up to speed with some of the newest projects I have going on! Life here in “Gunk-Ville” is ever changing!

This past Wednesday went and grabbed the multi talented Natalie Minx at the airport to begin our fantastic new web project(s)! Oh yes, there will be several! Pretty much got the business ends of everything worked out that day, and got down to BUSINESS on Thursday! Shot a FANTASTIC P.O.V. BJ scene (her first non-fetish based one), for the record! Did I mention that it was FANTASTIC?

Afterwards, she and I zipped over to the Vegas airport to pick up a little package. Not just ANY little package – but a sexy as hell one named Mina Meow! Now, the adventures get doubled like a Vegas jackpot! After lunch, which covered a little more business to catch Mina up to speed…we came back to SGFS (Spungy Gunk Films Studios, LOL!)…and as I had with Natalie earlier in the day – I shot Mina in a P.O.V. BJ scene (HER first non-fetish based one as well, mind you!)…and it was FANTASTIC as well! Both of these girls are going to be raising some eyebrows in the hardcore adult film industry, let me assure you! (EYEBROWS aren’t the ONLY thing these two will be raising – I can PERSONALLY attest to that!)…

Friday, the girls got a well deserved “sleep in” – as I had been cast as an extra for BRAZZERS again – playing the dad for a REALLY hot newcomer Maddi Sinn! This girl, is cute, friendly, and SEXY AS HELL! I am quite sure that I am going to be having her here in Vegas to shoot with me for a multitude of projects…she even said that she loved the idea of doing some Damsel In Distress work for me, and that I could tie her up and do some naughty things to her! I’ll keep you all up to speed on that!

After the BRAZZERS shoot, I grabbed Natalie and Mina for a “late for most people – but timely for us” breakfast @ what had already become a regular spot – IHOP! We need an Original Pancake House closer to my spot!!! But, IHOP sufficed…

We came back, discussed some more web-biz…and then Mina and I did a few scenes so that I could proceed with her PYREX SEX DVD! A SEXY as fuck POV BJ (another masterful job, by the way!)…a solo scene with some fantastic angles (including her straddling me with her tight round ass in my face!)…and then Natalie joined in for the third scene fucking the hell out of Mina with a pyrex cock attached to a strap-on!

The girls had to split back to LA this morning…but trust me…the debauchery will continue – and you all will get to see it ALL! Once their new sites are launched…and things are in motion with the DVD and clips online … you’ll be among the first to kow!

If NOT…get some!