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New Website Launched! VEGASBONDAGE.COM

Tweet I have my newest website project officially open for business, now! After shooting content of many different girls, for the last 3 years, I have now launched! This, damsel-in-distress oriented project, features some of the most beautiful girls online! Many in my exclusive content, have never shot bondage material for anyone else! Some […]


Tweet Our video on demand sites are adding the newest of our releases as this is being typed! Click below to check out BCB 4 & BCB 5 at our VOD store provided by Gamelink! Other new releases are also linked below! BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES 4 BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES 5 LASCIVIOUS #1 PYREX SEX – […]

New DVD series… lascivious

Tweet Among my zillions of projects, I needed to create a series for some of the great videos that are part of the Spungy Gunk Films collection, that aren’t specifically shot for any of the exisitng series that I have. Therefore, a NEW series has been created, as a home for them – so to […]

Behind The Scenes…

Tweet So…Kendra Banx is here shooting, and we’re collaborating on her website, as well as some material for “PYREX SEX – KENDRA BANX” on DVD! She’s pretty much on top of things, and when I went to look for the pyrex sex toys…they were nowhere to be found. When asked, Kendra said, “Oh! Go check […]

Kendra Banx Update!

Tweet So, yesterday morning, I was actually awake early…and it was a good thing, because at about 9:15, Kendra Banx is at my door…calling to be sure I was awake! LOL! Seem that she decided to drive out from L.A. and do some more shooting for her website, and knew I’d be all for it! […]

Being Productive!

Tweet So, I spent most of today – starting @ 6:30 AM, early as HELL for me – setting up online blogs for Natalie Minx, Mina Meow, as well as this one for myself! It was actually pretty cool, and I felt productive – and CREATIVE – doing them! A little more tweaking is needed […]

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