Angie Dove Is A Bounced Check Bitch!

New video clips have been updated on my BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES clips store, and if you have been hiding under a rock, and aren’t familiar with it, check them out on this link!!

“Weekend Update”

That sounds like a SNL skit! LOL!

Sometimes it seems like that here @ the studio!
I’m getting the studio ready for Angie Dove’s scene here with me this afternoon!
part one today – part 2 on Moday!!!
I’ll post up some pics from these few days of shoots asap!

These hotties are keeping me busy!

In the meantime, enjoy that preview of Angie in my previous post!

Great week of shooting so far!

Over the weekend, I’ll post some pics from the last 2 days of shooting…but I just wanted to make a quick mention about the hot shoot going on here at Spungy Gunk Studios tomorrow afternoon with Angie Dove!

We’re shooting a scene, and box cover shot, for my UNTIE ME! THEN, LET’S FUCK DVD series…It should be a great shoot, and I’ll scoot a few samples from it, this weekend, as well!

Here’s a sneek peek of Angie, from one of our other shoots!

You can grab the clip by itself, and check out other hot clips like it, at my SPUNGY GUNK CLIP STORE!!

Full shooting week ahead!

Lots of shooting booked for this week….hopefully none of it will change!

Wednesday and Thursday, I am working more with the sexy ebony model Jazmine James, cultivating more content for her new website! We started off last week, and have lots more to do to get the site rolling! What a great body, and sensual personality, Jazmine has! YUM! She’s really good at giving head, too!

Also on Thursday for about an hour or so, I am doing a topless/nude/pantyhose photo shoot, with a lovely young model from France, named Donna Silver! She’s a doll, and I am looking forward to cranking out some pantyhose fetish sets with her…

Friday…one of the newer girls on the scene, Angie Dove, will be back for more hardcore with me! My series “Untie Me! Then, Let’s Fuck!” needs a new edition…and this leggy, all natural breasts babe will fit the bill quite nicely! We recently shot for “Bounced Check Bitches”, and it was awesome!
You can check out all of my series of DVD’s online, at:!!!

I’ll update throughout the week!!!


I have some killer shoots this weekend, scheduled anyway!
For tomorrow’s shoot…it is with a super hot new adult model named Jazmine James, shown below, and we’re developing a new website for her…so those details will be coming soon. And, from what I can tell, I will be tomorrow! 😉

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Sunday, I have 2 shoots lined up. One with one of my fav girls to shoot solo and bondage work with, Jody Love. here is a link to previous posts about her! I can’t wait to do a couple more bondage sets, and a few hardcore solo toy sets on Sunday!

Then, comes the time where I have to go out and collect on another Bounced Check. 😉
This time, the Bounced Check Bitch is Angie Dove! Holy shit does she have some amazing tits! The rest of her is amazing, too!! I know from experience that she can suck cock REALLY good, but Sunday, I get to fuck her, and I am looking forward to that, because she’s really hot!

I’ll post some pics after the weekend, and keep following me on my twitter page, and I will be making some updates during the weekend’s shoots!

If you aren’t familiar with my BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES SERIES, follow that link and see!