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Relaunching & rebranding some things on the blog here, starting…NOW! Why wait for 2018 an the new year, right?
Look for Behind The Scenes coverage from my shoots, select adult film star interview – from AEE/AVN as well as “On The Bed With Gerald”!

Time to get back at posting here…I may do some behind the scenes posts from previous shoots from the past couple of years, as well!
~ Gerald

Interview With Amber Saunders

Hello Miss Amber Saunders!
Start off our interview by telling us a little bit about yourself!
I’m 18 years old and a full time college student from Torrance, California and studying in Los Angeles, California, and I do a part time internship at a law firm while being a naughty, kinky escort at night time and on the weekends.
Height: 5’8
Bra Size: 34AA
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Twitter: @SweetAmber1996

Why did you decide to get into escorting?
I got into escorting for multiple reasons. I love sex and I love to explore and learn new things and have fun with both guys and girls. I guess you could say I’m a sex addict. I can set my own work hours, and it makes good money which gives me the chance to enjoy the lifestyle I want, and with my addiction to shopping it definitely comes in handy.

What are customers like?
Depends on the customer or as I call them clients. I have clients that just want someone to take out to dinner as a date; others need a date to take to the movies etc. Then there are of course the most common clients that book me for sex, with a wide variety of services I offer I get to meet very interesting people, each with their own desires and fantasies. One might want a romantic night with passionate sex surrounded by candles; another might want some more straight to the point sex without any romance or much talking. Then there are the guys that want it a little rougher and more extreme.
Clients I get range in age from 20 to up in their 70’s, a lot are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s though looking for a good time for different reasons, some just want a good time with a young girl like me again, others need a girl like me because their wives don’t give it to them at home or their sex lives has become boring, with most their wives or girlfriends don’t know about it with some they do. Pretty much everyone just has fantasies they still like to live out so they book me to do just that with and again others have a girlfriend or wife that isn’t into certain things so they book me to do that with. There are also couples that just want a threesome, so they book me for a good time with all three of us!
Then there are guys that like to throw a party and they need a girl to have fun with which results in a small private gang bang, the most guys in a private gang bang I have had so far was with 12 guys and it was an absolute blast.

Have you had a favorite customer?
Yes I have a couple favorites they are my regulars and they book me on a regular basis, it is fun to try out new things with them and explore other ways of pleasuring them that they have never experienced before and there are things that they really loved and they keep coming back for more.

What was your best time with a Customer?
My best time was with my absolute favorite, he books me every other week and he gives me an amazing time because he knows what I love myself, now don’t get me wrong my first priority is always to give the client the time of his life and make his fantasies a reality if possible but there are some that are also interested in what gives me pleasure and want me to have a good time too and he is one of them and always brings me to extreme highs when it comes to pleasure.

What is the worst time you ever had with a client?
Hmm, my worst time, I can’t say i really hard a worst time with anyone yet, only thing I hated was a client who didn’t show up or a client who wasn’t home without canceling so that was a waste of time. I also hate it when people cancel on the last minute without a good enough reason, like one client once canceled 15 minutes before time just to tell me he already had a different appointment scheduled and couldn’t make it, so in that case I just hate it because he knew that earlier and could have let me know a couple of hours sooner so I could have changed my schedule.

What do you like the most, as far as a sexual encounter?
I am more a naturally submissive kind of girl so when it comes to what I like, it would have to be being dominated with some extreme hard rough sex, hair pulling, being slapped and smacked and other kinky things that are not everyone’s cup of tea. I just love to serve and please and be a little slave that is being used, in other words the extreme BDSM lifestyle is my thing.
On the other hand I can also enjoy a nice romantic night with wild passionate sex; it all depends also on my own mood, and what I would like at that moment.
As they say the customer / client is King or Queen. I intend to give them the time of their life, and make their fantasies a reality. So I give them what they like, and if they want to also give me what I like then it’s only a plus and a win / win situation.

Do you also get female clients or couples?
Yes I have had a couple of female clients, with one being a regular. There are not many females, so come on girls don’t be shy! As far as couples go, I have one regular returning couple that books me once a month.

Do you also travel for your clients, like to other states or countries?
At the moment no, I only do around the Los Angeles area because I’m also in college I don’t really have the time to travel that much. I do have some plans for places to visit in the near future though such as the States of Florida, New York, Canada, Ohio, and yes also your city Las Vegas. But traveling will have to be during my breaks from college.

You say you love older guys, why is that?
Yes I love older guys more than guys my own age, always had a thing for older guys to begin with. It’s hot being with an older guy but they also are most of the time more experienced, they also want to try new things and experiment more often than younger guys. Most of the time younger guys just want to go in, dump their load and be done with it. NOT ALL, but most. Don’t get me wrong I have had some very good and very nice experiences with younger guys too though. Of course when it comes to clients that book me age doesn’t matter as long as they are above 18.

Do you take photos or videos with your clients?
It hardly ever happens but If they want to take photos or videos they can but then I let them sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). I also sign that myself which means they are not allowed to post it on the internet or social media without my approval, and I am not allowed to post it either without their approval. I value the privacy of my clients very high. Most just want a good private time and not have their private moments all over the Internet or social media as it could maybe even ruin their Life and make them lose their Jobs. Escorting is not shooting porn after all. They are two completely different things that some people do not understand. Porn you shoot to release into the public with model releases and documentation. I have seen that when my stepdad’s doing his paperwork. Escorting is having a good time in private with someone without it going online for the public to watch.

You mentioned that you have a stepdad that shoots and produces porn? What is that like having your stepdad doing that?
Yes, as you know his name is Gerald Saunders, @GeraldSaunders on twitter and he shoots and produces porn where you are, in Las Vegas. He is my ex-stepdad actually. I will just always see him as my stepdad, and always call him Dad. I currently live in Torrance, California and attend College in Los Angeles so I don’t see him as often as I would like but we talk a lot and I also learn a lot from him. It is really a lot of fun, he is a very cool guy and I just love him! Him being my stepdad has its benefits, I meet a lot of sexy hot girls when I’m there with him. He also has a website where his scenes are available in an on demand format.

From what I understand you plan on shooting together with Gerald, and make your way into porn?
Yes I have an interest in porn; I plan on going into porn I just don’t know when yet because my college does come first at the moment. That doesn’t really leave much time open to shoot. When I do begin, I will probably do some shoots with Gerald first because he knows me better than anyone and I feel comfortable around him. I probably end up doing some shoots during nights, weekends, and days that I don’t have classes while I’m still in college.

How do you think people will respond to you shooting porn with your ex-stepdad?
I have been asked that a couple times before, I really don’t care what people think about it. We are not blood related, and he is not with my Mom anymore. They are still in touch though, and she is ok with it. We have even had sex off camera before already, and we have great chemistry together so that will definitely show on camera, and make for some amazing videos. It will also make for some very interesting kinky videos.

When you go into shooting porn is there anything you would not want to do?
No, I’m not going to limit myself and am in for everything they throw at me.

Are there any special male or female talents that you really want to shoot with when you go into porn?
Yes I do, I would love to shoot with Lacey Marie (@LaceyMarieCOM) who you already interviewed. I would love to shoot with Kota Sky (@JustKotaSky), Penthouse Pet Kenna James (@KennaJames21), Remy LaCroix (@RemyMeow), Riley Reid (@RileyReidx3), Sasha Heart (@SashaHeart), Tiff Bannister (@TiffBannister1). Those are also my absolute Girl Crushes but there are many more beautiful girls I would love to get my hands on, both on camera and off camera. Guys I would love to shoot with are “The Legend Ron Jeremy” (@RealRonJeremy), Prince Yahshua (@PrinceYahshua), Shane Diesel (@ShaneXXXDiesel), Jack Blaque (@JackBlaqueXXX), Tim Woodman (@ProVillian), Mister Ogre (@OgresWorld), JDevil (@JDevilXXX), and my 2 favorite guys Marc Vicious, and Flynt Dominick (@FlyntDominick). I would love to do a 3 some with those 2 guys. Of course my ex-stepdad Gerald Saunders will start off my career. But again, there are many more amazing guys I would love to shoot with and work with.

How do you enjoy webcamming? I know you have started doing some shows recently.
Yes I have done a few webcam shows so far, and I can’t really say yet if I like it or not. I didn’t really like it as much as I expected. Just doing a solo camshow felt weird, in the way that I was sitting there playing with myself, having some random guys entering my camroom. They were jacking off, or so they said. While that was fun, it got weird when one guy said he was rubbing my clit. However, I was like uh no I am rubbing my clit not you. So I just have to get into that I guess. We will see how it goes after a few more times. I do have some plans on doing some girl/girl camshows with other girls together, Kenna James is one of them but we just have to find the right time to do it as it will mean me traveling to her since she lives in a different state as me. But we will figure it out.

Do you ever get online and chat with people just for fun?
Yes I do, I’m on my Twitter everyday and chat with everyone, it is always nice to get to know new people and talk to my fans and some are even my clients or future clients. I always have a lot of fun talking to everyone, with some even in DM and some on KIK Messenger which I don’t use all the time because I don’t always have time to chat. Some people can be annoying though, like if they ask the same things over and over again which was already answered. Then, I’m like ok just make a note so you don’t forget, so you don’t have to ask again. But overall most guys and girls are fun to talk with.

What are your future plans?
My future plans are to finish college, keep doing my escorting work, and do porn shoots as well. I may eventually just do porn, it all depends how things go and how much I will make doing just shooting. I am definitely going to finish college. As my wise stepdad says, it is always good to have a backup plan.

Well, let’s leave it at that for now, thank you for the terrific interview Amber and maybe we can do a follow up again in the future! We will list links to your various social media and website here of course!
Thank you for that! It was my pleasure; a follow up sometime would be great!

Dr. Emily Morse Brings the Sizzle to HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD for Steak & BJ Workshop


(March 9, 2015 – Beverly Hills, CA) Popular sex and relationship expert Dr. Emily Morse is serving up top-choice advice to couples on the eve of Steak & Blowjob Day at adult superstore HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on Friday, March 13 from 8:00 to 9:30 pm.

Morse’s “Sex with Emily” workshop will offer tips on how to add flourish to couples’ oral sex and make the most of the pop culture holiday, which dictates that men get to enjoy their own version of Valentine’s Day, exactly one month later, with the designated gift of steak and a blowjob.

Morse has been looking forward to throwing this event at Hustler Hollywood. “I’m swelling with excitement, along with men everywhere, that we are finally celebrating their favorite holiday in style – Steak and Blow Job day – with oral sex lessons and steak, of course, thanks to Hustler Hollywood.”

“We are pulling out all the stops, steaks and BJ tips to celebrate man’s favorite holiday “Steak and BJ job day!”

“Emily hosted a live workshop with us last year that was so popular, we had to bring her back to celebrate this lighthearted and sexy ‘holiday’,” said HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD Marketing Manager Allison Johnston.

The meaty theme will continue with steak hors d’oeuvres and champagne, alongside special prizes and giveaways throughout the night. The workshop will conclude with a Q&A session with Morse and a meet-and-greet with the Los Angeles-based therapist, author and media personality.

Early arrival is recommended, and attendees are urged to reserve a seat via email at
For more information about Steak & Blowjob Day, visit the Official Website

For more information, visit


HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD® is an upscale, modern erotic boutique dedicated to providing a sophisticated shopping experience for the sexually curious. Its stores feature an appealing selection of high-quality toys, erotica, lingerie, shoes, apparel and novelties, supported by a knowledgeable staff trained to provide education and recommendations based on individual needs. The first HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD opened in 1998 on the famed Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. There are now 13 stores across the country, and expansion continues.

Kendra Sunderland Lands Contract With Penthouse

CHATSWORTH, CA – Kendra Sunderland, the Oregon State University student who was caught camming from her school library has landed a lucrative contract and just completed a shoot for iconic Penthouse magazine. The media giant, along with its parent company FriendFinder Networks, which operates some of the largest sexy companies in the industry including and AdultFriendFinder came to a deal with Sunderland by offering the sultry coed a four-page spread and personal interview in an upcoming issue of the magazine. After being banned by MyFreeCams, she is now performing live shows at which is operated by FriendFinder’s newest Cam site

In Sunderland’s first interview since the story broke, the 19-year-old college student told the New York Daily News she was hoping the hype brought on by the scandal might help jumpstart her modeling career. Thanks to her new deal with Penthouse and, she is set to earn more money than most graduate students make in a year.

“We have been following Kendra’s story since it first broke and went viral. We think slapping a struggling college student with over $6,000 in fines for something no one even saw in the first place is a little drastic; we believe in freedom and helping smart entrepreneurial women like Kendra become business owners in control of their future,” said Kenny Hawk, CEO for FriendFinder Networks. “Kendra is a beautiful woman, and we love the daring personality she brings to the table,” he said, adding “we are honored that Kendra chose FriendFinder Networks and Penthouse to be the company that will help launch what is sure to be a long and fruitful career.”

To see the first photos of Kendra since her webcam show went viral, be sure to pick up the April issue of Penthouse Magazine. To see her on live on webcam, visit

Penthouse, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, was founded in England by Bob Guccione in 1965 and brought to the States in 1969, the first issue of American PENTHOUSE sold out in a matter of days. England’s controversial magazine of beautiful women, intelligent journalism and intimate revelations had arrived.

The covers of PENTHOUSE Magazine include celebrities and beautiful, art-inspired photography which chronicle the libido of a changing nation and the pop culture which helped shape it.

Made famous worldwide for its fearless approach to sexuality and its unabashed support of those rebelling from the norm and defining their own identity, Penthouse stands as the greatest men’s brand in history.

PENTHOUSE ~ “Enjoy the view.”




DP Star Casting Is Now Open

October 15th, 2014 – Burbank, CA – Digital Playground announces the international search for the next DP Star. DP is looking for models that exhibit incredible sex appeal, have a great personality and radiate undeniable star power. The contest is open to newcomers and known talent alike.

Industry favorite, Nikki Benz, joins DP Star as the host and lead judge, she says “I am absolutely thrilled to have been approached by Digital Playground to be the host and lead judge in this historic series.  Never has there been anything like this before or of this magnitude until now.  I look forward to being on board with Digital Playground in the search for the next DP Star!” The talented and beloved, Dani Daniels, also joins the judge panel to help Digital Playground find its next brightest star! Daniels comments, “I’m always excited to be a part anything Digital Playground does, so when they asked me to judge this competition I was honored and more than willing to come on board. I’m excited to see all the great talent!”

In addition to worldwide fame and recognition as well as access to the largest adult network in the world, the DP Star winner will receive:

  • Royalties to their personalized Fleshlight mould
  • Leading role in the Digital Playground Blockbuster of 2015
  • 1 year exclusive Digital Playground contract

Online video submissions are now being accepted and will remain open until November 10th, 2014. For the audition candidates are expected to showcase their personalities, acting skills and ability to seduce their audience. DP Star judges will narrow the search and invite the top 25 girls for an in-person audition. After a series of challenges, Benz and Daniels will select the top five candidates that the world will vote on. The winner will be crowned the first ever DP Star!

To submit your DP Star video or support your favorite applicant, please visit the following URL:

DP Star


2014 AVN Awards Announces Nominees, Opens Voting for Fan Awards / @AVNAwards

Fans Encouraged to Place Votes for
Favorite Stars by January 17th!

November 18, 2013 — CHATSWORTH, Calif. — AVN Media Network announces nominees for the 2014 AVN Awards’ Fan Vote Categories, sponsored by phone sex and digital goods company NiteFlirt. Voting starts today and goes until January 17, 2014, allowing fans the opportunity to support their favorite stars right up until the live 2014 AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

“Selecting our Fan Vote nominees is a fun challenge,” said AVN CEO Theo Sapoutzis. “The performers in our industry have really adopted social media, public appearances, and other means to reach out to their fans. By inviting those fans to participate in letting us know who their favorites are, we celebrate those men and women who take the fan experience one step further. Congratulations to all of the nominees!”

The ten Fan Vote categories for the 2014 AVN Awards are:
Best Body
Favorite Porn Star (Female)
Favorite Porn Star (Male)
Favorite Web Cam Girl
Hottest MILF
Most Promising New Starlet
Social Media Star (which includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)
Favorite Studio
Best Boobs
Hottest Ass

There are 50 nominees per category for fans to select from. Voting is simple – fans merely need to click on the nominee of their choice to cast their vote. Fans will be allowed five votes per category, every day, leading up to the January 17th deadline.

Fan Vote Awards sponsor NiteFlirt will be offering specials to all who vote in the Fan Voted Categories. To vote, visit

The 31st annual AVN Awards Show will be hosted by Chanel Preston and Wicked Pictures contract star Samantha Saint. Dubbed “the Oscars of adult” by Entertainment Weekly, the must-attend, must-see event features the hottest stars from adult and mainstream pop culture. With a stylish red carpet pre-show and lavish star-studded ceremony, the AVN Awards celebrates outstanding achievements in the world of adult entertainment.

The AVN Awards will take place at legendary music venue The Joint, inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas on Saturday, January 18, 2014.

Fans interested in attending the 2014 AVN Award Show may purchase standard and Golden Tickets at

Adult Industry tables for the award show are also on sale. Table options include 6-seat, 8-seat, and 10-seat sizes, priced between $1,600 and $2,500. Availability is limited, and industry members are encouraged to email immediately to secure a table.

About the AVN Awards:
Over the years, the AVN Awards have become a famous staple in Las Vegas, while being housed in almost every major hotel on the strip. Starting in 1984, the show has grown drastically over the years and is now broadcast each year on cable to millions of viewers. The show allows adult and mainstream celebrities to come together once a year to celebrate the achievements of one of the world’s most profitable industries. In 2012, the AVN Awards took up residence in The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and will return for a third straight year in 2014. For more information, visit,, or

About NiteFlirt:
NiteFlirt is the place where you can Speak to Your Desire™! Our Flirts provide the world’s best phone sex and digital goods to fulfill any fantasy. Join NiteFlirt for free and find exactly what you’re looking for, on a site where adults can connect with women and men for private, intimate conversation on subjects ranging from Just Friends to Adults Only – whatever you desire. View 1000’s of listings, feedback, prices, and photos before you start your call, so picking the right person for you is easy. There are never any hidden fees on NiteFlirt — you only pay for what you want, when you want it! And privacy is our thing. We never reveal your personal information to anyone, not even the Flirt you are calling. Your information is safe and secure, and we bill your credit card discreetly. For more information, visit

Hot Pantyhose Model Bridgette Skies Shoot

Sexy petite model Bridgette Skies came to my studio not too long ago, to shoot for my CLUB CENTERFOLDS website!

This girl was a LOT of fun to shoot…endless energy, and a tight little body, that she was NOT shy to display!

See more of her at CLUB CENTERFOLDS!!!


Check these very taboo scenes out on our VIDEO ON DEMAND SITE!
FUCKED IN MY SLEEP – Spungy Gunk Films On Demand

The first 3 DVDs in the series are with Jazmine James, Bridgette Powell, and Summer Samson!
More to come soon!
These are also available for purchase at:
Spungy Gunk DVDs Online

New shoot with SEXY Randi Tango!

Some days are diamonds, and this day was one of them, to be sure! Minding my own business at the store, get a random call from a random number…and it’s a girl calling, referred to me via a long time acquaintance. So, we arrange for her to swing by to do some test pics…and this chick was freakin’ awesome! Great bod, great personality, and needless to say…we did more than a handful of test pics!

Turns out that Randi Tango hadn’t really ever done too much adult work…some fetish here and there, so, of course, I spoke to her about shooting her first BJ on camera. She didn’t have to think too long…although when I walked into the studio to shoot her, I could hear her speaking to a friend of hers on the phone about being a little nervous. Put it this way…when you are shooting the still photos for a blowjob scene, and the girl’s telling you out loud to “Fuck my throat!”, and we’re not even doing the video yet…you just KNOW it’s gonna be a great scene!
Let me assure you all, as well as Randi, that there was NOTHING for her to have even been nervous about….holy crap, this babe knows how to suck cock! When the Blowjob Beginners DVD of her is released…you’ll see for yourselves!

You’ll all be able to see her on MFC doing cam shows soon, as well! Here’s a link to her profile page there!

In the meantime…here’s a hot sample pic…with more to come later…lots more to come, I am sure! I may never let her out of my damn sight! 😉

RANDI TANGO doesn't bite...much!

Mai Ly Has Her Custom Box Cover For PHF Vol 11

Gorgeous babe Mai Ly, one of our favorite solo & bondage models, shows off her custom box cover we made up, specifically for her to have to sell at conventions and shows! If you are a fan of hers, and see her at one of the shows, pick one up from her!

You can also view the movie on demand here:
The Pantyhose Factory Volume 11 – Video On Demand!

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